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Project support

We are a software supplier, but that’s only half the story. When you select our EPRAIS solution, you do so to help support your organisation’s health & safety objectives. We will assign you a project manager with years of industry experience to help you ensure that it happens.


We offer a range of training options for EPRAIS, from standard introductory user courses right through to advanced bespoke instruction for more experienced personnel. Training courses can be delivered at your site or in our training suite here in Warwickshire.

Creating change

Continuous improvement in health & safety evolves from behavioural change. We give you all the tools, tips and training required to deploy EPRAIS in a manner that will involve and inspire your people. When everyone is motivated to create a safer workplace, there’s no end to what can be achieved.


The more data you have, the more fruitful the root-cause analysis will be. Using “5-Why” functionality in EPRAIS, you can swiftly identify recurring safety issues and the underlying reasons for them. Once these are known, simply assign the required corrective action to a nominated individual, and EPRAIS action-tracking will monitor progress until completion.

Maintaining progress

We’ll help you ensure that the safer working practices you have worked to create don’t lose momentum. EPRAIS campaign portals and real-time dashboards keep everyone fully updated on the progress of your improvement campaigns, so that employees at all levels feel they have a part to play in site health & safety.

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