Adverse Event Reporting


  • Report adverse events of all types either at desktop or on the move, using straightforward templates.
  • User can log full details of any adverse event including incident type, personnel involved, location, witnesses, ambient conditions, emergency services involvement etc
  • Supporting documentation such as policies, statements and photographs can be uploaded.
  • Each incident automatically allocated unique reference number with time & date stamp.
  • Detail of worker injuries are logged on graphical “body map” for speed and accuracy.
  • Powerful “5-Why” function enables root-cause analysis of any incident.
  • Built in “lost-time tracker” delivers an alert when absence milestones are reached.
  • Automatic notification and escalation functions ensure that relevant personnel are informed and responsibilities assigned, in line with HSE best practice.


  • Reduced risk in the workplace through improved incident prevention
  • Demonstrates your commitment to on-site worker safety
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with RIDDOR reporting
  • Creates improvement culture visible to employees, insurers and customers
  • Active steps to protect organisational reputation
  • Incident data stored and easily retrievable for analysis from one central library
  • Financial benefits from fewer compensation claims and reduced insurance premiums

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