Accident Investigation


  • All the functionality required to carry out a post-adverse event investigation thoroughly and securely.
  • All documentary evidence pertaining to each investigation can be uploaded to the library for quick retrieval.
  • Summary front page for each case under investigation shows its progress and which information is still being awaited.
  • Witness statements can be uploaded or created within the module and signed electronically.
  • Powerful “5-Why” function enables root-cause analysis of any incident.
  • Can be deployed as a standalone or linked with the EPRAIS Adverse Event Reporting module
  • Action tracking functionality ensures that the investigation is followed through to completion.
  • Corrective actions to prevent the same accident re-occurring are fully documented.


  • Reduced risk in the workplace through improved incident prevention
  • Demonstrates your commitment to on-site worker safety
  • Creates improvement culture visible to employees, insurers and customers
  • Active steps in order to protect organisational reputation
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Complete timeline history of each investigation and corrective actions for audit purposes
  • Financial benefits from fewer compensation claims and reduced insurance premiums

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