Permit To Work

Permit-to-Work enables you to create standard permit templates which can be easily configured according to the job at hand – for example, confined spaces, working at height, hot work – and according to the specific demands of your workplace. Each permit is stored in a central database for quick and easy reference and retrieval.

Contractor Management - Coming Soon

Contractor Management offers a complete solution to manage the onsite safety of external contractors working on your premises. Key information such as personnel details, individual skills, training & qualifications, induction requirements, method statements, insurance documents can all be stored in the module, creating an auditable history of all visits to site.

Adverse Event Reporting

Adverse Event Reporting enables you to record, report and investigate events like accidents, unsafe practices and near misses. It also provides the means to store incident data in a standard format within a secure digital repository along with supporting documentation such as policies, statements and images for ease of retrieval by authorised individuals.

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation is designed to support a systematic investigation following an accident, near-miss, outbreak of illness or equipment damage. The module provides all the functionality required to carry out a post-adverse-event investigation, ensuring that all evidence and documentation pertaining to the inquiry is held securely in one place. Built-in “5-Why” functions help to identify root causes.

Risk Assessment

Using Risk Assessment, a digital matrix helps you to identify hazards, their likely harm, cause and consequences and then to instigate the necessary controls to mitigate the risk. Completed assessments can have corrective tasks assigned to specific risks which can then be monitored and managed individually.

Action Tracking

Full task management functionality ensures that any assigned corrective action arising from a health & safety incident is completed and approved with sign-off.

Google Maps

Enables you to define individual GIS locations against sites, work areas or assets so that active work permits or incident “clusters” can be clearly located on a map.

Dashboard Designer

Create a suite of reports to keep your personnel fully updated in real-time on the progress and successes of your health & safety improvement projects.

Escalation Management

Set up scheduled email reminders to ensure assigned tasks are not missed. Automatically escalated to a more senior level if unacknowledged.


Straightforward and easy-to-use, the core EPRAIS module enables you to configure items like labels, naming conventions, lists and user access to best fit your organisation.

Document Management

The most up-to-date versions of all your policies, method statements and other health & safety documentation are stored securely in a single electronic archive.


EPRAIS can be used as a standalone system or interfaced with HR, ERP or maintenance/asset management software in a GDPR-compliant manner.

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