Marrying workplace safety and asset care

MacDermid is a leading global manufacturer of precision coated films and blended liquids used in the printing, automotive and electronics industries.


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A review of site maintenance strategy identified two principal objectives: to measure and deliver continuous improvement in asset care and to promote safer working through risk reduction.


Having decided to examine the marketplace for software solutions that would support the recommendations of the internal review, MacDermid invited a number of providers to show how they would meet the brief in both aspects. Many simply could not do so.

There were three principal factors that led to the selection of Mainsaver. Firstly, its long-established authoritative presence in the CMMS marketplace supplied confidence. Secondly, the easy-to-use auxiliary SpidexWM web module was considered to be a means of maximising workforce interaction with the CMMS. Thirdly, the unique Dynamic Risk Assessment (SpidexdRA) and EPRAIS Permit-to-Work modules supported an additional level of safety for maintenance technicians.

MacDermid considered it vital that its engineers and supervisors were able to identify and control hazards in a structured way when undertaking tasks. SpidexdRA does this by prompting the engineer to complete a short electronic checklist prior to starting a job, to ensure that the machinery is (for example) isolated from power, not moving, at a safe temperature – all common causes of workplace injury.

The final phase of the implementation was the introduction of Spidex’s EPRAIS Permit-to-Work software, which provided an unambiguous traceable link between work orders and work permits.


For MacDermid, an organisation that continually looks for ways to engender and prioritise safer working through risk reduction, EPRAIS and Mainsaver CMMS were the perfect fit. Installation of the two systems meant that MacDermid’s identified objectives in both maintenance and health & safety could be confidently embarked upon.

“We now have all our departmental data consolidated into a single system, providing consistent and accurate auditability.”

Graham Brindley

Site Maintenance Engineer

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