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EPRAIS supports Six Sigma process improvement for Health & Safety

The DMAIC method is a tried and tested component of Six Sigma process improvement and is a model that can be readily adapted for health & safety.

DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control and is a means of using data to improve and stabilise many types of business process. The core requirement of course, is a central repository of reliable data that can be subjected to detailed analysis. This is where EPRAIS offers the support your improvement program needs.

DEFINE: EPRAIS is easily configurable to reflect the unique terminologies and working practices of your own operating environment.

MEASURE: Using EPRAIS, your staff can quickly log incidents, near-misses, at-risk behaviour or other dangerous occurrences, either in person or anonymously. This provides an invaluable body of safety data.

ANALYSE: Incident records, collated into composite reports, can be drilled into and subjected to ‘5-Why’ analysis to investigate and identify root causes.

IMPROVE: The system then offers full ‘action tracking’ functionality to help you mitigate or eliminate each identified risk, whilst monitoring all the associated activities, personnel and costs.

CONTROL: The EPRAIS campaign portal keeps all users abreast of the progress being made in each area. This visibility helps ensure that behavioural change – leading to improved workplace safety – is achieved long-term.

To see a demo of EPRAIS either in person or online, simply call to arrange it on 0844 324 9190 or message us using the online form at https://eprais.com/index.php/contact

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